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Pics of the Lake Dell slide

Here are a couple of pice of the lake dell slide. Still completely blocked as of 3 pm

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  1. As of Tuesday morn, it is still blocked. I asked SDOT to put a sign at Lake Washington and E Alder but they seem reluctant to do so. Cars still come up and drive around the “Street Closed” sign up the hill only to find they have to turn around on that narrow hill and come back down again. Yesterday, 2 huge garbage trucks had to back down the hill as well as a school bus. It’s like WHAT PART OF STREET CLOSED DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND??? I don’t see any movement in the direction of clearing the road; maybe they are waiting for these heavy rains to stop. It is a sensitive slide area and maybe we haven’t seen the end of it yet.

  2. As of Tuesday afternoon, this is still unpassable – for pedestrians and cars. Of course my dog loved it but as soon as you step foot, you’ll sink about 2 feet in heavy mud. I also saw about 2-3 cars/trucks drive down the hill, only to have to back all the way up and turn around at the elementary school. I’m not sure why it takes 2-3 days to clean something like this up, especially since this is a pretty main throughway.

  3. God forbid we should pay more taxes so that our government can respond appropriately and clean up something like this in a timely manner when it occurs. You get what you pay for, I guess