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Illegal dumping


I just had a truck dump its second load of dirt onto my property. The driver gave me bogus contact information. As I was attempting to write down his license number, he bent his plate in half and drove off.

Not a huge deal, but if anyone spots a large white truck with the bent license beginning in B777. . .  It has large double doors in back, Please call (206) 684-4300  

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  1. Did you call the police with that information? That much info combined with the make/model or at least description of the truck and man driving it may be enough of a lead.

  2. If you called the police, perhaps you could update your post with the incident #, so anyone who sees the truck can call SPD and report it.

  3. The police were notified. Yes, the number is for the Seattle East Precinct. I vaguely recall seeing the truck in the area before (the double doors on the back of a dump truck are hard to miss). Perhaps it is some hauling / disposal company. I wanted to warn others, because if it happened to me, it can happen to you also.
    The driver pulled up, opened his doors and dumped his loads in under a minute (during daytime hours).
    The incident number is 2010- 417382

    Thanks, everyone.