A view of change and race in Central Seattle

As an outsider — I live just down the street in Capitol Hill — a community discussion on race in the Central District is best left to the community. I’m here to moderate. Please take a look at the discussion going on around a note posted by a CD neighbor named Gordon to one of our recent posts. It sounds like Gordon isn’t familiar with CDNews and found the site through a link to one of our stories on the Seattle Times site. It also sounds like Gordon has seen a lot of change:

My name is Gordon Curvey and I was born and I was brought up in the Central Area. My mom still lives in the house I grew up on (30th and Spring) since 1958.

I am bothered by this section in the Seattle Times because most likely (not for sure) it is written by someone who is white. I am a African American by the way.

I am sorry to say that white folks have taken over the CD. Walking there dogs all over the CD. The culture of the CD is GONE. My black community I grew up in is GONE.

I used to go in Grocery Outlet of walk town Jackson St or Yesler St or Union St in the CD and would not see a white face. Now it is almost like walking in Ballard.

I am not a black racist folks. I am just bothered that my black community in the Central Area is GONE. I drive down 23rd and pass by Powell Barnett Park and see a sea of white families and there kids in the play area.

Again I would used to see ZERO white faces at Powell Barnett. Most whites in the CD hang to themselves with ZERO black friends. Again, whites have taken over the Central Area. I am tired of seeing white folks walking there dogs all over the CD.

It bothers THE HELL OUT OF ME. I wish the Central Area would come back to the black community and our culture I used to know.

It’s a tough comment to read and will probably be frustrating to many. I hope you can take it as others in the thread have — as an opportunity to talk about the history of the neighborhood in a constructive, realistic way. We’ve turned comments off on this post — but you’re welcome to add your voice on the thread where Gordon’s initial post was made. As we head into the New Year, finding ways to talk — and do something about — change seems like a healthy resolution.

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