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Three options for a Christmas Tree in the CD

I know it’s hard to believe, but Christmas 2010 is now less than a month away. For those of you who are planning to do some traditional holiday decorating with a recently-live tree (no judgements please), here’s the options that we saw on our weekend trips around the neighborhood:

1. The Capitol Hill Alano Club has their annual tree-selling fundraiser up and operating in the vacant lot at 22nd & Madison (former home of Deano’s, across from the Safeway):

2. The Umojafest Peace Center is selling trees again this year too, at their headquarters at 24th & Spring:

3. A third tree lot is set up in the Grocery Outlet parking lot at MLK & Union:



Happy tree trimming!

0 thoughts on “Three options for a Christmas Tree in the CD

  1. Although tecnically Capitol Hill, don’t forget Dunshee House at 303 17th Avenue East – tree sales benefit AIDS/HIV services

  2. City Peoples’ Garden Store in the Madison Valley has, as it does every year, turned its outdoor plant area into a Christmas Tree lot.

  3. I think we should really support the places like the Alano Club that are selling trees for fundraising.