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Tragedy at 14th and Union

The November 22nd very unfortunate tragedy at 14th and Union was hugely upsetting to our community. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the victim’s neighbors, friends and family .  This was a tremendous loss of not only the person murdered, but to our sense of feeling safe.

As the Chairperson of the East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition, I would like to ask the community what we can do to help. In the past, our practice has been to host a public forum  in the neighborhood nearby the tragic incident.  We’ve included police department representatives, crime prevention coordinators and any other relevant and helpful presenters.  I don’t know if this practice  resolves any problems directly, however, the sharing of grief and concerns for safety among neighbors can be helpful in some cases.  The East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition board does our best to advocate for your quality of life and safety, and I would like to generate any supportive efforts possible to support you.

Please let me know by posting a comment what you think would be the most effective way to respond to this horrible incident. Shall we host a forum, as we’ve done in the past? Other ideas?

Thanks for your concern. 

Stephanie Tschida, Chair

East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition

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  1. I like the idea of a forum as well. I didn’t attend the one after Shannon Harp’s murder but if it was effective I would like to see our community hold another one.

    **Well, thanks for being a smartass. That sure is effective.**

  2. sorry lizwas but above I was being a sarcastic smartass. whatever we did after Shannon Harps obviously didn’t do shit because the exact same thing just happened again.

  3. I want to echo your words of sympathy.
    A way for the Crime Prevention Coalition to serve the neighborhood could be this: Catholic Community Services plans to establish a residential facility for men who are being treated for psychiatric problems at 13th and Marion, just two blocks from this tragedy, and virtually across the street from one of the SAAS buildings. Under the circumstances, this may result in some feelings of concern. I think the Crime Prevention Coalition might have a role in bringing together neighbors, including SAAS students and parents and administrators to talk, in a calm and rational way, about concerns that many have when housing projects like this move into a neighborhood.

  4. Getting together to share concerns and ideas with enough details for a rational discussion. I have heard comments from people indicating that maybe walking around may not be a good idea. I sense a feeling of helplessness from them.

  5. We need to walk around more, not less, but at the same time we need be observant and ready to call 911 if needed. There will still be tragedies, but fewer than if we just hide in our houses and drive everywhere when we go out. Walk with a friend or neighbor or family member and greet other people on the way, but use common sense.

  6. Thank you for your feedback on my request for ideas to support your community as a response to the November 22nd tragic incident. A few mentioned that ‘forums’ don’t really help the situation. If I, or other EPCPC representatives had our own way in the world, things may be different. Unfortunately, we don’t, so we do the best we can within our capacity. Proactive, doable ideas would be welcomed as a better alternative…
    “A neighbor”, however, has requested that we facilitate a gathering of 14th and Union area neighbors, SAAS and Catholic Community Center representatives to discuss the plans for a possible residential facility treating men with psychiatric problems. With the understanding that everyone becomes very busy around the holidays, is it soon enough to schedule this meeting in early January? Or try for the week of December 13th?
    Thanks for your engagement.
    Stephanie Tschida, Chair
    East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition