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The Muslim Journal

I’m not a religious person, but, I found it kind of odd that the #8 bus driver was handing out the “Muslim Journal” to his passengers this morning through the streets of the CD.  Granted, he seemed to know the people he was handing it out to…But, is that professional?  Should I report him?

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  1. What you’ve brought up seems to touch on this in my opinion. What makes this more delicate of a matter is the fact that it is a Muslim journal and these days very targeted by law enforcement. I would send Metro a quick email about this and assume they will ask the driver to stop handing out the journal on the job. Perhaps the driver is unaware this could be against regulations? You actually might be saving him the hassle of getting into even more trouble in the long run. The site for driver comments is:

  2. doesn’t matter. Driver shouldn’t be handing it out, and you should let Metro know. makes it easier for them if you can provide the bus number (posted on the front of the bus in the middle on the inside, also visible on the outside), the route and time of day you were riding.

  3. Would you find it as odd or offensive if it were the Christian Journal? Or the Jewish Journal? I remember when Alaska Airlines was run by some sort of Christian fanatic who insisted on ramming his religion down my throat each time I flew, with scripture on the napkin, prayers on the placement, etc. I also find it offensive that the Jehovah’s Witnesses, when I return their smile at 23rd and Jackson, try to accost me with their religion. I’m curious, though, if you found him offensive because it was the Muslim journal? Or, like me, are offended in general by people pushing their religion (any religion) on a captive audience?