Snowvember 2010 report card: How’d the Central District fare?

Over on sister site, we’ve posted a report card for how the city and Metro handled Seattle’s Thanksgiving 2010 snow .

Overall, compared to 2008/2009, it seemed like things were better this time around. Disagree?

0 thoughts on “Snowvember 2010 report card: How’d the Central District fare?

  1. It was definitely better in the lower Leschi area; in the 21 years we have lived on this hill heading down toward Lake Washington, I have never seen anyone from the city do anything to the street. A spreader put down the brine prior to the snowfall this time and the snow was slow to stick. Then on Wednesday a spreader was back and voila! We could go up and down Lake Dell and East Alder. We are usually marooned for a week or more after snow. This time there was a shuttle with chains that took folks from the Red Apple om Jackson to Madrona Dr down to the lake so we could access our homes from Lake Washington Blvd. This has NEVER happened before! Our car was stuck in the snow and ice down at the lake for over a week in 2008. And bus service!! Right now it looks better than the services we had in Baltimore/Washington area where we lived before here (and they had snow every winter). Hope they can keep this up.

  2. Not a fair analogy to compare this snowstorm to the 2008 snowstorm. The 2008 storm was a 30 year storm this was a 3 year storm.

  3. True that one cannot compare this pathetic storm to 2008, but given the fact that we have been here 21 years and NEVER seen a response like this, it does say something postive. There have been other storms like this one in which we were royally ignored; it didn’t feel so dissing this time. It actually felt as though someone wanted us to be released from our imprisonment.