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Snaps of Squire Park temporary art space to snow falling on cat

These are pictures from what I have seen in the neighborhood since it started to snow and my internet went out. ( In the past I have posted positive comments about Qwest. They can’t fix it until at the earliest on Saturday.  No more positive there. That will be separate story.)  I am currently at a local coffee shop.  Thank goodness for the the coffee shops here.

Snow disappears quickly.  The air and sidewalks seem strangely clear today.

The Squire Park temporary art space Access van  picture was taken Tuesday morning at 20th and E.Union.  The four SUVs stuck together between 18th and 19th on E. Union was also snapped on Tuesday.  Either  they didn’t make it down the hill or up, not sure which one.

The last ones are  from Monday.  After the #2 was rerouted I was walking home and snapped the pictures of the police action, not knowing what had happened.  And, there is snow falling on cat.

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