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Qwest DSL trouble?

Is anyone else having trouble with Qwest DSL? Ours has been down all day.  I am at a coffee shop.  I live near 21st and East Union and it is still down.

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  1. Ours hasn’t gone down completely, but something’s not right. Lots of time-outs when trying to load pages. I haven’t had a chance to investigate what’s going on with it, though.

  2. Bundle and Save is really Bundle and Bilk…And they’ll drag you along making you think they’re going to fix their slow service. Youtube Videos get hung up constantly and they seldom deliver the speed they promise. They charge you $75 to come out and replace their faulty equipment. They have too many carrots at the end of the donkey’s stick to lure you into sucker charges and you’re still stuck with the same terrible service. When you finally give up on their poor service they slap you with $300 for cancelling their horrendeous service. Check out the Attornery General’s web site and see that Qwest and their partner and crime DirectTV have the most complaints!