November 2010 Election Day: Last-minute vote notes

Vote by mail. Vote by e-mail. Vote by Facebook. It’s all progress. But we still kinda miss the polls and the pictures of people standing in line and one time each year we find ourselves inside a church. Enough nostalgia. If you haven’t voted yet, you have work to do.

  • Get a stamp and proceed to your nearest post office immediately or…
  • Your closest dropbox is at the King County Administration Building, 500 4th Avenue, Seattle 98104
  • Or you can take a drive or a bus on adventure to any of these fine dropboxes in the county.
  • Track the status of your ballot here.
  • If you lost your ballot or never received it call 206-296-VOTE (8683) and the county will e-mail you your ballot. Yes. E-mail it to you. You live in the future, dude. Enjoy it. (OK, so in the *real* future, you wont’ have to print it out and stuff but this is good start.) UPDATE: We’re hearing that people are being directed to a ballot center in the International District, not being sent the ballot via e-mail.
  • See how your CHS Elections Endorsement Board voted here.
  • The Stranger’s cheat sheet is here.
  • Publicola is going election crazy here
  • If you miss the 8 PM deadline, you still have hope!
  • Any last minute notes/ideas/suggestions? Comments please. Happy democracy!

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