King Creole rises again at 23rd Ave’s Louisiana Grill

This summer, the Central District News was quite upset about the state of the CD economy as King Creole Louisiana Gumbo & BBQ was shutting down on East Cherry. But remember: When it comes to the restaurant business, things are always opening and closing. And opening again. CDN is now happy to report a return, of sorts, of the King as Louisiana Grill & Deli opened recently on 23rd Ave next to the post office and the 99-cent store.

In grand community news gatherer fashion, we learned this breaking culinary news from a CDN review and more details when owner Jifar Wakjira bought an ad to announce the Grill’s December grand opening and gave us a few details on the new shop:

Our restaurant is located at 1106 23rd Avenue and is designed as a take-out only joint. The head chef used to run a restaurant in the madrona area, King Creole’s Louisiana Gumbo & BBQ (29th and Cherry). He started working in this new restaurant under new management last month…

The Grill is open Monday through Saturday from 7 AM to 9 PM and Sundays, 9 AM to 8 PM so, yes, that means breakfast is on the menu. It’s a takeout joint so we’re talking breakfast po’ boy sandwiches here. The hot link variety, for example, will set you back $5.95. The rest of the menu includes everything from po’ boy (lunch and dinner!) sandwiches, gumbo, chicken and slices of pie. The menu also says they offer shakes to which CDN says, excellent call.

The grand opening party weekend is planned for December 3rd and 4th.

Louisiana Grill & Deli is located at 1106 23rd Avenue.


0 thoughts on “King Creole rises again at 23rd Ave’s Louisiana Grill

  1. We just ate from there a few days ago and it was the TRUTH like always. Delicious!

    Soooo very glad to have this place back! I seriously suffered from withdrawal and depression when the Cherry Street location closed.

  2. My co-worker had the gumbo one day for lunch…it was so good..he went back that night. While he was waiting for his food…he was surrounded by a group of young teenagers. They didn’t say anything, just circled around him kinda. My co-worker waited to see if they were going to order….they didn’t. After a minute or so…he went out to his car to get his gun just in case. He came back in and one of the teens must have seen what he did because they started to whisper to themselves and eventually headed out. Its also worth the noting, the owner didn’t say a word. Not a “ need to order or leave”….nothing.

  3. now a 5 minute walk from my house turns into a 5 minute drive :(

    sure 23rd is better than Cherry in terms of foot traffic and exposure but I liked that I could walk there. oh well.

  4. Are you serious…a gun? How about a conversation with the owner to make the environment welcoming and comfortable for users. I get the regard for personal safety but haven’t we had enough gun violence or the threat of it?
    Talk to the owner about some creative solutions to allow the business to thrive. Looking forward to the Grand Opening Celebration in December but in the meantime, I’m going to stop by and check it out.

  5. I have to agree with OnMyMind – no guns!
    PS – we’ve been a couple of times since the move – the food is as fab as ever!

  6. Please let me visit your world where all the gangsters will let you know they plan to rob you and give you time to flee. If I had 15 people surrounding I would do the same thing.

  7. Is it possible they were waiting for food also?

    The way you write what happened to your co-worker makes it hard to interpret what really happened. You say he was surrounded by teenagers. Was this inside the establishment? Were they already there or did they come in after him? Did they not have a right to be in there? Did the owner see what happened? You say “they just circled around him kinda” but that is such a vague way to describe getting circled by a bunch of people. The space is small. Your co-worker seems a little paranoid and trigger happy to be getting a gun to bring into a restaurant he is getting food from. If he felt his safety was in jeopardy couldn’t he call the police or ask the owner to do that?

  8. They followed him into the place, and surrounded him while he waited his turn at the window. They moved towards the back of him while he ordered. He stood to the side after placing his order then after seeing the guys had zero intent on ordering..he went out to his car. A few of the guys followed him out, seen what he went to go do and came back in and spread the word to their friends…who then left….WITHOUT ORDERING.

    So you mean tell them to sit right there and wait while the police were called? yeah….ok. Sorry, some of us grew up around this type of stuff and didn’t just get to come here when all the gang banging and robberies slowed down. Some of us know when trouble is brewing. As long as someone is legally able to carry a concealed firearm…they have every right to bring it in….yep…even to get some food.

  9. Thanks for clarifying what happened. But no thanks on the assumption that I don’t know what’s going on here or haven’t been around long enough to know what’s grimy and what’s not. If trouble is brewing inside an establishment where police are regularly parked less than a block away I think a call to the police in front of the people intimidating a potential victim does the same dispersion that grabbing a gun does without the potential mayhem that grabbing a gun does.

    Side note: the food is on point as others have said. I also know the owner would be completely receptive to a conversation about what happened and would not let something happen inside his establishment without intervening.

  10. CDN was able to walk around Louisiana Grill’s sidewalk with our big boy too-expensive camera and we survived! Though one snappily dressed older gent did give us an uncomfortable smile. But that’s probably because we weren’t wearing a badass purple suit like his.

  11. Just went by. The posted hours showed that most days the joint opens at 11:00. I didn’t take careful notes. :-) Looking forward to it soon!

  12. Me and my wife went to check out the new place today after seeing the article on cdn and we could not be more satisfied. They serve the same ‘ol tasty food. My wife ordered the shrimp po’boy and I ordered the seafood gumbo and…. boy it was great.
    Re ‘Good Food…Word of Caution’ comment:
    The way you explained it sounded like you were there not your co-worker. The restaurant is the very next door to a busy post office where people go in and out all day so I never saw the threat there, and also at the end of the same block (within 300 feet)there is a police neighborhood station. So you or your co-worker went ahead of himself too far.

  13. What does it matter? The person was pointing a threat and it’s treated like he/she was acting foolish to protect themselves. Unless you have been in the situation before you have nothing meaningful to say.