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Icy roads bring many bus cancellations, metro urges commuters to stay home

The snow that fell throughout yesterday has turned into ice as overnight temperatures hovered in the lower 20s.

Metro has been doing a pretty good job of sending out updates as the conditions have affected their service. They’ve been warning repeatedly that some routes may be cancelled today due to inaccessible hills and other blockages along their routes, and is “urging people to stay home and off the roads if at all possible.”

Here’s the updates right now for the Central District:

  • Route 48 is rerouted via 10th Ave E. and the University bridge, no longer serving Montlake or any of the stops along the hill on 24th Ave E.
  • Route 8 is not serving MLK or Madison St. stops, and is instead running on Broadway to Jackson.
  • Route 2 is following the route 3 snow route via Jackson, Broadway, Jefferson, and Cherry, with no service on Union. Additionally, it is stopping at 34th Avenue and not going downhill to the lake on Madrona drive.
  • Route 3 & 4 will still be running their snow routes via Jefferson, Broadway, and Jackson to 3rd Avenue, with no stops on First Hill or James St. 
  • Route 14 is on its snow route with no service east of MLK to Mt. Baker.

Also note that the special Route 90 is in operation several times per hour, so if you’re heading downtown and see that, you can hop on for a looping trip downtown via Jackson.

See Metro’s website for the most up-to-date information.

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