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Commute Report: 23rd passable, Jefferson less so

We’re headed off to work downtown, and here’s what we’re finding along the way:

Traffic is very light, and there’s not many folks waiting for buses either.

23rd Avenue appears to be in pretty good shape, with the #48 bus running pretty regularly:

0 thoughts on “Commute Report: 23rd passable, Jefferson less so

  1. My husband waited for a 48 at 23rd and Union for about 45 minutes and never saw one, in either direction.

  2. I’ve seen the 48 running in both directions throughout the day but not all that frequently.

  3. The Seattle Times reports that as of Tuesday morning, there were 75 abandoned Metro buses in King County.

    Ten of those buses — 13.3% — were on a single four block stretch of E. Union, between 16th and 20th Avenues.

    Kind of makes me think that the county would be less stretched and the residents better served if Metro and the county focused on keeping a smaller number of east-west arterials wide open and operating, than doing a less-than-stellar job of trying to operate more.

    I mean, if you got stuck on top of the hill in a #2 bus last night, would you have rather walked home from a working route on Cherry or Jefferson, or walked home from where the buses got stranded on Union?