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CleanScapes waste reduction competition returns

Madrona was one of the neighborhoods included in the $50,000 community project prize for reducing the most waste in 2009-2010 as part of CleanScapes’ city-wide competition. For those wondering if BOOM’s proposal is among the winning selections for a project, check back next week for the official project announcement.

In the meantime, residents can start reducing afresh. The 2nd Annual Neighborhood Waste Reduction Rewards competition is back for fall 2010-2011, with the same parameters: the neighborhood collection area with the greatest percentage decrease in total tons between now and fall 2011 wins. 

The north part of Madrona (north of Union) is in the Thursday collection area and the south part (south of Union) is in the Friday collection area. If you’re confused, CleanScapes has a handy map.

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