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Car vs. Bike this morning at 22nd and Alder

A friend riding his bike into work this morning had a collision with a green minivan at the intersection of East Alder Street and 22nd Avenue (a block west of Garfield High School).  Unfortunately, he got pretty scraped up and has sustained a shoulder injury.

The woman driving the van stopped after the collision but, when he asked her to give him a ride to the hospital, she refused and drove away.  My friend was shaken up enough that he was unable to catch the license plate number of the van.  Did anyone else see this happen?

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  1. They might be able to use red light cams or the big brother cams on Cherry to figure out the vehicle.

  2. I wonder if it was the same green vehicle that pulled the front bumper half off of my parked car and fled….. I didn’t catch the whole license plate either (I was watching this happen through my front window), but it had a w and the number 24 in it I think (and likely has red paint and damage on its front passenger side unless they’ve fixed it)

  3. Hey,

    I walked right past that corner after the accident had already happened. I think it was just before 9am. I didn’t see the accident, but I saw the cyclist talking to the woman. She had a little girl with her. I didn’t intervene because I figured she would make sure that he was okay and then they’d exchange insurance info or something like you always do in an accident. Plus, I had my dog with me and I didn’t think bringing him into that scene would’ve helped. I didn’t think she’d leave without helping him. I didn’t even see where her car was.

    There was another man who was there before me. He helped the cyclist onto the curb and moved the bike out of the street. Maybe there’s a way to find out who he is and if he knows more about it.

    The woman might live in the neighborhood or was dropping off her kid at a nearby school. It’s likely you’ll see her car in that area again if you keep an eye out.

    I hope the cyclist is feeling better. I didn’t see if the accident was severe or not, and since he was on his feet when I saw him, I thought he’d be okay. Now I wish I had stayed and helped.