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Youth issues and resources in CD

I’m working on a project for a class at SPU focusing on issues that youth face in the CD.  What are some of your insights on the issues that are facing youth in the CD, what kinds of resources are available, what organizations are there to support youth?

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  1. In my opinion, the biggest obstacle to future development and contribution is the lack of accountability for our own actions and for holding others to ethical standards. We can not change others action, but we can certainly do something about our own actions and we can put peer pressure on the criminal activity and overall cheating. Don’t get me wrong, I am many times angry at how others already see me just based on my appearance (large black man), but I have a choice as to how I live my life. My ancestors died for the privilege of education. I will honor their sacrifice by making sure I do all I can to learn and teach my children. Which leads me to the second biggest issue: the lack of effective and comprehensive public education. How we waste so much talent in public schools today is child abuse and extremely shortsighted.

    Regarding resources, as far as I am concerned, we can have every building in our neighborhood filled up with “services” for our youth, but until we look at what WE are doing in our homes, neighborhoods and schools, they won’t do a thing to change what we contribute for ourselves and our society. Peace.

  2. The Seattle Central Little League is a great organization for youth, though it only operates during baseball season. Steve Orser, its president, has helped bring it back to life along with the help of an army of volunteers, myself included. They refuse no kid, and it is definitely a way for the community to come together.