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Weekend Fun: Central District Boxing Revival

This looks like one of the coolest events to hit the neighborhood in quite a while. Cappy’s Boxing Gym is hosting a family-friendly night of amateur boxing on Saturday night at 6pm, at the Garfield Community Center.

It will be bringing in competitors from all over the northwest, including ages ranging from 8 to 34, and will be olympic-style boxing with full safety gear and strict rules.

Tickets are a reasonable $5, and doors open at 5:30pm at 2323 E. Cherry Street.

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0 thoughts on “Weekend Fun: Central District Boxing Revival

  1. I appreciate how Cappy’s is part of the neighborhood and is a great place to get a workout and all that…. but I just can’t get over the basic fact that boxing is about two people trying to hurt each other and inevitably leads to long-term brain damage. Not sure I want my kids getting excited about a sport that’s just so… violent.

  2. Looking forward to cheering on all the boxers. Thanks to Cappy’s for putting on this event.

  3. Hooray for boxing. Hooray for Cappy’s. Hooray for the mission statement:

    The Central District is Seattle’s oldest surviving residential area. Every corner is marked with the footprints of cultural diversity. Every street is shaped by people busy with dreams, everyday life, places to go and burdens to carry. This four square mile area, bordered to the East by Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, to the South by South Jackson Street, to the West by 12th Avenue and to the North by East Madison Street, contains some of the city’s oldest architecture. The neighborhood echoes with the sounds of civil unrest and civil rights achievement, Jazz and Hip Hop, and change.

    There has been a lot of change in the CD, some of it good, some of it not so good. One element of the CD that has been missing for some time, creating a gap in neighborly connection, is Boxing. It’s time to bring Boxing back to the CD. Amateur Boxing (Olympic Style boxing, with protective headgear and rigid safety regulations) involves boxers ages 8 and up. Boxing Matches bring boxers, families, friends and neighbors together, connect businesses with their community, and promote the sport of boxing.

    From the Central District and beyond, everyone is welcome to celebrate a revival of neighborly connection, Amateur Boxing and the emergence of an Olympic Champion from our midst. Let’s all gather at the Garfield Community Center October 9th 2010 to cheer on our Youth as they step into the squared ring and face their fears with skill and confidence.

    Amateur Boxing is an opportunity. Amateur Boxers develop the strength and flexibility needed to achieve goals. They gain endurance to face the discomfort that can come with following dreams. And they acquire the mental focus needed to persevere in difficult times. These qualities are at the very heart of why the Central District has become the home of champions. Keep the tradition going: Welcome the 1st annual Central District Boxing Revival to the neighborhood!

  4. watching the soccer world cup games, where huge men run at eachother with no padding or protection save shingards, and often had serious injuries, I can’t say that boxing is anymore violent.

  5. Damn totally forgot about this due to a move. Sounds like it was a good one – hopefully more in the future.

    Wave – there are so so many other things to complain about other than a community-inspired event where sportsmanship and athleticism are cultivated. I hope you’re out there rallying against rugby, american football, hockey, all martial arts, etc etc as well.