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Report of rats at Madrona Playground

The ever-useful Madrona Moms email list had word last week of rat sightings in the shrubs near the shelterhouse at the Madrona Playground. Charming. 

Seattle Parks and Recreation inspected the area around the shelterhouse last week and found no evidence of rats inhabiting the play area grounds. But given that the rats could be living elsewhere in the area, they still put out traps to see if there’s any hard evidence of rodents in the area.

According to city gardener Nancy Cifuentes, they put out “seven secured stations with bait, four around the perimeter of the shelterhouse and three in the nearby bushes along the tennis court fence.”

Parks and Rec will monitor this week and replace the bait if needed.

Have you seen any rats in the bushes near the Madrona playfield?

0 thoughts on “Report of rats at Madrona Playground

  1. YES! I saw one last week, although, it was by the school. It was a huge rat, crossing Union along 33rd Ave, into the bushes by the school.
    It was a weeknight, around 9pm. Huge.

  2. oh noooooo, really?… I’ve seen so many rats in Madrona over the years … maybe the coyotes cleaned out too many of the neighborhood cats?

  3. There are 2 types of people in Seattle, those who have rats & those who think they don’t have rats.

  4. There are rats all over the place! If you live near Lake Washington you will always have them around. We live near the Lake and had to get rid of our bird feeder because of the rats coming up from the Lake. No one should be surprised they are there.

  5. lol no kidding – if you don’t think there are rats in your hood or in Seattle you’re just not seeing them.

  6. Port cities have rats. It’s part of heritage. Relax, and make sure you pack out your litter if you don’t want them in the park.

  7. There are tons of rats in Seattle. Always were and always will be. They hang out in bushy areas (like blackberry bushes, ivy, etc) so keeping that all cut back (way back) helps. They also eat animal poop (sorry) so if you or your neighbors have that in their yards, it will be a haven for rats and there is nothing you can do about it short of cleaning it up. Another reason to scoop the poop!