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Looking for a new member for the CDNews team

We cover a lot of neighborhood news here, but there’s a lot in any given week that we miss because we just don’t have enough time to be able to report on all of it.

So we’re looking for a good man or woman to help out on a paid basis.

Here’s the requirements:

  • Must live somewhere south of Madison, north of I-90, west of Lake Washington, and east of Broadway
  • Must have demonstrated ability to write fun, engaging, informative prose that is at least as grammatically correct as mine (last part is a pretty low bar)
  • Must be able to devote enough time to post every day, attend community meetings on evenings and weekends, and be able to jump at the drop of a hat to cover live events like fires, crime, or other calamities.
  • Must come prepared with an objective eye for hard news, and interest in writing softer feature pieces too

Interested? Drop us a line at [email protected]

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