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Ground broken on Brenton memorial at 29th & Yesler

This morning a group of about twenty neighbors and members of the Brenton family gathered with gloves, shovels, pick axes, wheelbarrows, and jack hammers at the southwest corner of 29th & Yesler and got started building a memorial to Officer Tim Brenton, killed in the line of duty almost one year ago.

The large crowd was making quick work of the big job ahead of them, breaking up the pavement and digging out nine inches of earth to make room for the $25,000 memorial. 

With the soil removed and the site prepared for construction, the next step will happen later this week when a contractor will fill the excavated area with paving stones. Then the next week another company will install the stonework that will form the police badge, all working towards a planned dedication of the memorial on October 31st, the one-year anniversary of the murder.


0 thoughts on “Ground broken on Brenton memorial at 29th & Yesler

  1. Will they need extra hands again, and if so, who do we contact to volunteer? Wish I could’ve made it Sat.

  2. I know on Oct. 23rd there will be another opportunity to help with the Memorial Site. Mostly finishing touches, planting flowers, etc. Any help would be much appreciated. I’m not sure exactly who to contact but that is what I was told on Saturday.