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Cool turtle mural decorates 21st Avenue

A couple of weeks ago CDNews Twitter friend LizWas let us know about a new mural that showed up in front of a home on 21st Avenue. 

We finally happened past there yesterday and got a photo:

I think we have one of the most creative groups of residents in the city.

0 thoughts on “Cool turtle mural decorates 21st Avenue

  1. I like this a lot. Very well done! Maybe the artist(s) could get some exposure here on CD News?

    I wish I was talented like that.

  2. The artist that did the Pratt mural on 20th and Jackson also did this mural. He painted a mural on my retaining wall too, on 20th and Weller. I heard there the students at Pratt Fine Arts Center and Derek are going to paint the Pratt mural on 23rd and Union too. The CD is becoming a mural destination!

  3. I wonder if any of our public art grant money will be going to Derek or the other artists at Pratt?

  4. These murals are wonderful!! We’re in the planning and outreach stage now of the CD Public Art Project. When we get to actually creating art, we are required by the Dept of N’hoods to issue an RFP for artists City-wide. Then we’ll select artist(s) from the submittals.

    Everyone is welcome and invited to attend the monthly meetings of the CD Public Art Project the fourth Monday of each month, 7pm, at the Lutheran Church @ 22nd & E Union. After the first meeting, we already have participation from Colman Neighbors, Jackson Place, Leschi, Cherry Hill, Central Sr Ctr and Central District Neighborhood Assoc. Exciting!! Note: the CD Public Art Project is funded in part by 1. a grant from the Dept of N’hoods and 2. the CD Garden Tours.

  5. thanks, spiffy d, for hooking us up with derek. i really appreciate his talents being used to beautiful our neighborhood!