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A sad anniversary on Sunday, but paired with dedication of community-built memorial

Sunday will mark the first full year since Officer Tim Brenton was shot and killed with an assault rifle at the corner of 29th & Yesler.

That crime and tragedy has brought the Leschi community together, and the result of that cooperation is the new memorial to Officer Brenton’s life and service to the city that has quickly taken shape at the site of the murder.

The memorial will be dedicated on Sunday at 3pm in a sizeable ceremony. A large crowd of neighbors, family members, police officers, and other supporters are expected to be on hand for the official unveiling of the monument.

The city will be closing Yesler to traffic at 2pm, and the dedication ceremony is expected to run from 3:00 until 3:30pm.

0 thoughts on “A sad anniversary on Sunday, but paired with dedication of community-built memorial

  1. It’s good to plant trees or memorials for those who have died.
    And I understand the city wanting to do something special for one of their own officers who died.
    I would like to see more memorials like this for those who have died from gun violence in general. Not just officers. Our homicide rate picked up tremendously after the summer and I think it would be a good gesture for the city (if possible) or neighborhood groups to honor all of it’s citizens who die violently to help make a statement if nothing else…

  2. This memorial was a small neighborhood based endeavor. The city had nothing to do with it. It would be great if more individuals learned by this example and jumped in and did something rather than just talk about. This group should be commended!

  3. Violence is damaging to not only the victims, but the community. This memorial to me, serves as more than a remembrance. It’s part of the healing process for the people in the area. It also will hopefully serve to encourage some people to change the seeming ‘reality’ and feeling of victimization.

    Having a tangible way to remember and remind is something that can be reflected and acted on in different ways. On Cherry Street, there is a stone marker that acknowleges a heritage pear tree. Very sadly, near the same time Tyrone Love was murdered near there. The property owner decided to memorialize that sad event by having the marker inscribed with “All You Need is Love”.

    Will these acts translate into immediate action? Maybe not. They sure help me start to get over my feelings of anger and hopelessness. And, the permanance offers the opportunity for people to understand history, and maybe change it.