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Zaw Pizza to open location in Madrona

Zaw Pizza, the local take-and-bake company with a focus on local and organic ingredients, will be setting up shop at 1137 34th Ave. (Thanks to the tip from the building property manager Jaime Hernandez on the news.)

Zaw co-owner Greg Waring confirmed they signed the lease on Monday and are aiming for a November opening date, dependent on all the necessary paperwork and permits. 

Waring said Zaw chose Madrona for its next location because of feedback from residents here and in Madison Park, who fall outside the delivery zone for the Capitol Hill store.

“It’s a response to a lot of demand in the area,” he said.

Zaw has had a stand at the farmers market on MLK and Union for the last two years, and Waring said it’s been their most successful farmers market location. 

Once the shop is open, the delivery zone will be east to Lake Washington, west to MLK, south to the I-90 bridge and north to the 520 bridge.

Zaw will occupy half of the former home of the Monad art gallery, now split in two. The other half of the space will house a new home furnishings store called Henry and Frances Home – details on that business to come tomorrow.

“We’ve really been screening to make sure we get the right people,” Hernandez said of the rental process.

There’s already some commenting action going on about the merits of Zaw. What do you say? Is a takeout pizza spot a good addition to the neighborhood?

0 thoughts on “Zaw Pizza to open location in Madrona

  1. Oh how I LOVE PIZZA–but I can’t eat it anymore…UNLESS, it has a gluten free crust.
    Please consider adding this to your menu.

    Blessings of PROSPERITY in your new location!

  2. yes, I have had the gluten free pizza and with delivery a large pizza was $30. Hopefully the prices will not be the same as cap hill pricing and will be conducive to the neighborhood, esp for an expensive (but tasty!) pizza you have to bake yourself…welcome to the neighborhood!

  3. A $20-$30 pizza of that size is the real cost (with the expected mark-up, of course) of fresh, local, non-processed food.