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New Businesses Coming to Madrona

We have two new dynamic businesses coming to Madrona shortly!

We have signed leases at:

1. At 1137 34th Ave: Zaw Pizza.

  They will be starting up in November with great gourmet “take home” Pizza. They expect to open in November.

2.  At 1135 34th Ave:  Grandesse:  This is a new business catering to retail home store goods and interior decorating business. Retail offerings will include, but no limited to, home accents, lamps, pillows, candles and books, vintage furniture, wall coverings and consignment goods. Grandesse expects to open in mid October.

We are exited and know that these businesses will greatly compliment our Madrona and Central  neighborhoods!

0 thoughts on “New Businesses Coming to Madrona

  1. I tried the Capitol Hill Zaw and all I can say is that’s it’s extremely overpriced for take and bake pizza and it wasn’t very good…in fact, it was actually pretty bad. After my experience, it was the one and only time I will try Zaw. For a better deal and better pizza, try Papa Murphy’s take-n-bake. Or, for the prices Zaw charges, you may as well get a pre-baked pizza delivered from Piecora’s or any other good pizza place.

  2. I’ve been getting Zaw off and on at the Madrona Farmer’s Market and find it to be pretty tasty. I like it better than Piecora’s (which can be pretty bland). I agree, though, that it is pricey.

  3. Is it too much to ask for just a regular restaurant to open on 34th? Nothing too swanky, expensive or trendy. Just some good food at good prices. I feel like the offerings are pricing many regular people out of a local spot. Thoughts???

  4. I read this and immediately thought, “Hurray!!!” We love Zaw. We get the pizzas at the market and have thoroughly enjoyed them. When we’re looking for a cheap pizza we get the frozen ones at Grocery outlet (can’t beat the price) but when we want take out, we don’t mind spending $$$ for Zaw. We consider those pizzas a real treat.

  5. Whaaa? Zaw is AWESOME pizza, cannot believe my eyes when “Papa Murphy’s” and “Piecoras” are used as a reasonable comparator. Sure maybe you are spending $5 more, but really Zaw is an outstanding pizza. Its not merely a pile of cheese and dough with cheap meat. All ingredients are high quality and thoughtfully paired. We order it every Friday night, totally addicted!

    Keep up the good work Greg, and wishing you continued success!

  6. By my count there are at least seven restaurants on 34th. Two of which I would certainly call “regular” places ( St. Clouds, The High Spot). None of which are fast food of any kind.

    I would love to have this many options in the Judkins Park area!

  7. In Madrona there are so many options for food … unsure what you mean by “regular food” .. St Clouds, The Hi-Spot & The Ale House all serve what I consider regular. Plus there is Thai, Turkish, Frenchish, Latin-ish * Ethopian … I say count your blessings

  8. Zaw = blawh. I am generally pretty excited about anything to do with fresh/local ingredients but, shazam, $20 bucks for a pizza that I bring home and bake myself (using additional natural resources) seems a tiny bit crazy town – at least for us. My favorite Zaw experience was at the MLK Farmers Market … I ordered … waited for 20+ minutes while my pizza was thoughtfully organized (seriously, 20 minutes!, there wasn’t a line! I was convinced the team was using mini rollers to roll out the dough and almost asked if they needed help), then brought it home, mouth watering, only to cook up a kind of sad, dried out, pie. I was bummed. For the sake of the good people of Madrona, ‘Zaw, may your pizzas on 34th be made faster and saucier then I’ve experienced! Meanwhile, I’ll stick with your competitors …

  9. Never tried Zaw but I will! I think it is great to have a take-home option in addition to the great sit-down places.

  10. Glad Zaw has decided to set up shop in Madrona. This is positive and we will stop by from time to time. I don’t care if it is an extra $5.

  11. hey olive oyl, cd4life was specific in his posting about what constitutes “regular” (for him/her), as in nothing “swanky, expensive or trendy”. St. Clouds is expensive. Maybe not for the area, but it’s expensive. The restaurants in Madrona cater to a certain population – those who want a fancy bite to eat and can afford to pay for it. The Ale House is the place where those people who can afford the expensive stuff go when they want to bring their kids. It’s a moderately-expensive restaurant overrun with kids with a bar theme.

    I lived right in the area during grad school and couldn’t afford anything near there except for some coffee at Cupcake Royale. You say “count your blessings”? I say, if I can’t afford to eat there it’s not a blessing.

    A “regular” place in Madrona would be grand! A moderately priced place to grab a bite to eat. Lunch maybe? Not holding my breath though…

  12. lunch! stated it perfectly. I feel like Madison Park is Madison Park and that is fine but I dont want to live in Madison Park, I love Madrona and its diversity of people. Maybe the neighborhood has really made that “trendy” change but I feel as if there should be(and I feel as if there still is) a little of the old funky Madrona feeling. St. Clouds to me is a bit swanky and the other offerings are good but… Im thinking maybe something like the Loft in Ballard or the old Roanoke style establishment. I just am a bit selfish and would like a regular joint close to where I live and work