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June restaurant gets two stars from Seattle Times

Just a few weeks after reviewing their happy hour – and raving over the beef tongue sandwich – our news partners at the Seattle Times are back at Madrona’s June for the full meal deal. 

In Providence Cicero’s two-star review, she praises the effort of chef-owners Vuong and Tricia Loc and says the 34th Ave spot is “Like an early summer garden, it’s filled with promise and just needs a little tending to thrive.”

In the review, highlights are brunch dishes, rabbit  and the happy hour bites and appetizers. But she calls out other dishes, including the infamous lamb’s neck pasta, as too salty.

When we posted about the happy hour review a few weeks ago, the over-salting complaint came up in a few comments, though overall the neighborhood reviews seem positive. Anyone been back recently and have other feedback?

And if you haven’t visited June yet, consider visiting during the upcoming Seattle Restaurant Week, Oct. 17-28, when you can get three courses for $25.

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  1. I’ve been to June a couple of times, I find it divine, worth the price and service very good. Highly recommend. P.S. I just asked my husband, he did not find the lamb’s neck to be salty at all.