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Home invasion robber steals laptops, camera, threatens to kill resident

Seattle Crime has the story of a scary home invasion robbery that happened Monday night:

The victim told police he’d been been sitting in his upstairs bedroom of his home on 20th and Alder around 7:00pm on September 20th, when he heard a noise behind him and turned around to see a man walking into his room.

The suspect had one hand behind his back “as if he were concealing something,” a police report says, and told the victim to hand over his laptop and camera, which were sitting on a desk. 

The suspect told the victim he would shoot him if he did not cooperate, and after taking the camera and laptop, ordered the victim to head downstairs. It does not appear that the suspect ever actually displayed a weapon, but the report is categorized in SPD’s system as a robbery with a gun.

The suspect repeatedly told the victim he would kill him, as he led the victim through the house, stealing several other laptops which belonged to the victim’s roommates, who were not home at the time of the incident.

Officers and a K9 unit searched the area, but did not find the suspect. No suspect description was given in the police report.

0 thoughts on “Home invasion robber steals laptops, camera, threatens to kill resident

  1. Was the front door to the house wide open or something? Sounds like the guy new what he was after from the get go.

  2. People who are willing to confront you are very dangerous and it would be nice to know more about the intruder, point and method of entry. Seems like there has been a lot of break-ins along 20th lately, residents should be very aware and help look out for their neighbors. Seems more like an opportunitist to me who found an open door. He probably didn’t have a weapon but better to play it safe.

  3. In the police report, the victim says his housemates sometimes leave the door wide open when they come and go during the day. Hate to blame the victim, it must have been a very scary experience, but that is just not smart.

  4. Easy to spout judgment when you don’t know the reality. ‘Open’ probably meant unlocked, not wide open door. Easy to sit back in your safe reality and read, and comment….It’s not smart, it must be scary…. Whatev, I hope this victim will be able to move on and not see evil in every person he sees.

  5. LOL. Even if he really meant just unlocked, this is the CD we are talking about here. Anything open or unlocked is just asking for it.

  6. this is definitely scary, but i don’t care who you are or where you live: don’t leave your house unlocked when you’re upstairs in your bedroom and no one else is home!

    additionally, can we have a description of the intruder? tall, short, complexion? anything? that would help us keep our eyes peeled.

  7. no s**t this is really scary. So there is no finger print or anything? Is there anything that we can do so that this will not happen again?

  8. I just read 3 stories picked up by the seattle times about armed home invasion robberies, but nary a mention of this one. Same for local news stations.
    Is this strange?
    I don’t believe it is a cd thing, because 1 of the stories is from our hood.