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Fixx Coffee closes, creating caffeine deficit on Madison

We got a note from reader JL last week asking about the status of Fixx Coffee, which opened to some fanfare on Madison Street in July. A quick email to Aric Annear, owner of Fremont Coffee Company, confirmed the sad news:

Unfortunately Fixx did recently close.  Fremont Coffee’s management contract ended on September 1st and I recently discovered that the owner has decided not to continue with the shop due to a lack of personal/financial resources. But I can confirm that the shop is currently not operating.

That’s the second coffee shop to come and go within the last year at that location. And its exit leaves a coffee void for the area that stretches from MLK to 15th and Union to Aloha.

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  1. The only thing that keeps businesses in your neighborhood open is you and your neighbors patronizing them. Having a local coffee shop, restaurant, flower shop, or whatever raises your property values and might even make your neighborhood safer. Support your local businesses

  2. Too many businesses for me to remember have opened and closed in that location over the years I’ve lived here. Coffee and hair seem the typical choices.

    It’s a tiny, weird shape with a narrow sidewalk on steep busy hill, with little in the way of passing foot traffic, and very limited on-street parking. That (I assume) is why the rent is cheap and is why people start businesses there and also (I presume) why the businesses fail.

    A small unique business might flourish there, perhaps one that’s mainly online but which had a brick and mortar presence for those who really want to stop by, despite the difficult location.

  3. I visited Fixx both when it was operated by the original owner as well as when Fremont Coffee Co. took it over and had always been happy with my service and the quality of the products featured. I’m sad to see it go but wonder if perhaps there’s just too many competing coffee options nearby? (Fuel, Ladro, Victrola, Starbucks, et cetera).

    Still, best wishes to whatever business decides to take over the space next

  4. “And its exit leaves a coffee void for the area that stretches from MLK to 15th and Union to Aloha.”

    Sad news, but are you saying there are no other coffee shops within that boundary?

    Off the top of my head, there’s Tougo Coffee, Fuel Coffee, Cortona Cafe, Katy’s, Essential Bakery, and Victrola, Ladro, 15th Ave Coffee & Tea, Remedy on 15th. Apologies to anyone I forgot…

  5. I never made it there because I live closer to Union so really, don’t need another coffee shop. Tougo, Katy’s, and Cortona are plenty for me! Maybe Madison Valley does have a dearth, but that areas isn’t really conducive to foot traffic, despite the Safeway.

  6. i know it’s a wretched location .. the hill is bad, etc … yet just a few doors down are 2 businesses wh/ seem to be doing OK. Maybe it is the weird building wh/ makes every business look hokey?

  7. I kept meaning to go Fixx, bummed it closed.

    We do have places that serve reliable coffees down here at the bottom of the hill, in Madison Valley. Closest are Bella Dolce, Essential Bakery, Cafe Flora, Arosa– those are morning places — if you want coffee late enough, there’s also Voila, Luc, La Cote and Harvest Vine. I think Suess and Oh! Chocolate, both serve coffee too. Madison Park has a couple places too — Park Place Deli and the Madison Park Bakery.

    If we only had prorated-cost bus rides from the bottom to the top of Madison . . .