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Fall CD Plant Exchange

What: Fall CD Plant Exchange, FREE
Where: Copymaster parking lot, 20th & E Union St
When: Saturday Sept. 25, 10am -2pm
Why: community-building, gardener networking, FREE PLANTS, FREE ADVICE, clean out your extra plants and gardening supplies, because why not?

It’s the annual Fall CD Plant Exchange time again! Come give away your extras, your divisions, your unwanted garden supplies, art and equipment. It’s all FREE: you do not have to give something in order to take something. We don’t keep score.

Come see your friends and neighbors. Come get information on the newly-funded CD Public Art Project and find out how you can participate. Share sadness at the removal of the bench at GCC. Come be a part of a healthy neighborhood with its residents out on the streets having fun.

0 thoughts on “Fall CD Plant Exchange

  1. Usually I drop off my extra plants, and almost always find something new and fun to take home. This event offers a great opportunity to talk over garden and planting issues, and to meet and greet your neighbors.