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Crime Stat Update: Burglaries, robberies way down in summer months

This morning we got caught up on neighborhood crime trends using the latest data from SPD, and have found that crime is down in every category except auto thefts.

As we’ve reported many times, summer months often see a spike in crime with longer days, open doors, and kids home from school. But according to stats from June and July, property and violent crimes are way down compared to the same periods in 2009:

  • Assaults: down 10%
  • Robberies: down 25%
  • Burglaries: down 25%
  • Theft: down 10%
  • Auto Theft: down 22%

Crime is down in all categories for the YTD as well, with the exception of auto thefts which are up 35% due to a spike in the first half of the year. The most impressive number is for robberies, which are down 42% in 2010 compared to 2009.

In last week’s East Precinct Crime Prevention Meeting, one of the prevention coordinators noted that over half of all home burglaries this summer were not forced – the thieves just walked in and out through open doors or windows. So remember that it’s in your power to reduce crime even more by just keeping you home secure and keeping valuables out of your parked vehicles.

Participants at that meeting also reported improved situations in their own parts of the neighborhood, with less drug activity on Union, new businesses opening in formerly troubled spots on First Hill, and an “eery quiet” near 12th & Jefferson, which has had a history of problems.

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