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CDNews Police Scanner – 9/1

Been a busy day at CDNews World HQ, but scanner’s better late than never, right?

0 thoughts on “CDNews Police Scanner – 9/1

  1. 4:02PM – 1600 E. Olive – Harassment – Man in a wheelchair, known to carry a knife, is stalking the caller’s daughter.
    walking away.
    walking up hill.
    leave a rope on the ground.
    a gallon of gas.
    knock him over.
    crazy glue on tires.
    a rock.
    a brick.
    a stick in the spokes (co workers suggestion)
    push into traffic.
    circle suspect till he gets dizzy.
    throw a tarp on him creating a small fort.
    tie a bungee cord to chair and to a light post.
    steal his batteries (electric chair?)
    when the cops arrive scream “he has a 3inch knife and some wood”
    park in his handicap spot so he has to circle around for parking.
    the list goes on.