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Work starting on new Coyote Central HQ at 23rd & Cherry

The long wait for new life to be added at 23rd & Cherry is almost over, as Coyote Central kicks off the remodeling of the old Dilletante building and works to make it their new classroom and office space.

This morning we spoke to Claudia Stelle, Executive Director of the organization, who said that the building permits are all approved and crews have begun demolition work to support the remodel.

The work they have planned is substantial. Although the brick exterior will stay largely as-is, everything else is getting an update. In addition to seismic upgrades on the 80 year old building, the entire roof will come off and get replaced with a new one that meets current building codes. Crews are currently working to add temporary structural supports inside the building in advance of that work.

The building will also be getting a new concrete slab with integrated heating, replacing the existing patchwork of slabs that have varying heights throughout the building.

Work on the interior spaces will create new classrooms on the west side, a large teaching kitchen in the back corner, and office space in the front. The instructional space will be used for courses such as design, acting, and animation.

The goal is to finish up the exterior shell of the building and have the new roof on in time for the October rains.  Then work will begin on the interior, with a move-in date sometime next spring.

Claudia Stelle shows us the new floor plan for the building

0 thoughts on “Work starting on new Coyote Central HQ at 23rd & Cherry

  1. Anybody know the status of the retail space renovation next to the Twilight? Seems like work has been on again off again…..

  2. My son made a go kart at Coyote several years ago. He had a blast. I hope the new location works out well.