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Rezone request moving forward for Central District apartments

The city Department of Planning and Development has recommended that the city move forward on a rezone requested by First Place School for their Central District property. UPDATE: This post has been updated. Location information for the facility has been obfuscated due to privacy concerns.

The school is proposing to replace the existing parking lot that is midblock there with sixteen new units of affordable apartments, available for rental by families of children at the school. The school’s focus is on educating and supporting children whose families struggle with homelessness.

The rezone would take the property from the current L-1 zoning up to L-3, which would allow room for a 3rd floor of living space and reduced setbacks on all sides of the building.

The next step is for the city Hearing Examiner to take up the issue, which is scheduled for September 9th at 9:30am. If approved there, the rezone would need final approval from the city council.

We’re trying to get some visuals of what the new building would look like, and will give you an update once we do.

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