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Request from a fire fighter: keep corners clear for emergencies

With yesterday’s destructive fire, it seems like a good time to mention a request made by a fire fighter we recently spoke to.

Let’s say you call 911 with a fire or medical emergency. A big fire truck leaves the station and races to your house, lights and sirens blaring. But two blocks away there’s a traffic roundabout and people have parked too close to the corner. The truck can’t get around, and can’t turn in another direction. The only option is to put it into reverse and slowly back up to the previous intersection where they can hopefully turn around and try to reach you from a different direction.

The fire fighter we spoke to said that is actually a common occurence, and can add crucial minutes to the time it takes them to respond.

His request: Obey parking regulations and don’t park within 30 feet of a corner or stop sign, especially if there’s a roundabout or other blockage in the middle of the intersection. That will leave room for a big fire truck to get around and get where they need to go as quickly as possible.

0 thoughts on “Request from a fire fighter: keep corners clear for emergencies

  1. People park right up to the edge of intersections with 2-way stop signs, and it’s impossible to safely pull out. All of those parking enforcers should pay a bit more attention to this, not just to expired meters.

  2. I live on 26th south of Jackson. Every week there is a cop car at the generation church that parks right on the corner IN FRONT of the sign displayed. I can’t believe he or she is so blatant. The car is parked right on the corner not even close to 30 feet(Right Under the Sign). It makes me sick that a law enforcement official will do this. Laws are laws and they should obey them also.

  3. It almost makes me wish we had the $$ to paint curbs at corners red for that 30 feet to illustrate to the measurement-challenged just how far away that really is. If they thought of their car’s length it’s probably about 3 car lengths from corners with stop signs and roundabouts.

  4. I would like that- or even a hash mark at 30ft. I think I park closer than 3 car lengths to the traffic circle outside my house, but I do leave enough room for big trucks to get through. You think more people would be selfish enough to park farther away rather than risk being clipped by a garbage truck or other large vehicle. (Though the garbage trucks seem to be very well versed in negotiating the circles!)

  5. I think of someone I know who is six feet tall. Lay five of him, head to toe, along the curb and there you have it. It’s waaay further than we think. (ok, head to head and toe to toe if you absolutely must.)

  6. are smaller than fire trucks. The fireman Scott spoke to was at 25th & Marion on Night Out, and I was amazed at how big those trucks are up close. Definitely bigger than garbage trucks!

    Another benefit to following this rule is for pedestrians. When cars are parked too close to the intersection it’s far more difficult to see oncoming traffic, making it more dangerous to cross.