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Primary election today: be sure to mail your ballots

Vote-by-mail is so anti-climatic. No polling stations or lines of voters to get photos of.

But of course mail ballots have a deadline, and that deadline for the primary election is today. Make sure you pull your ballot out of your pile of letters and bills, put a stamp on it, and put it in the mailbox in time for pick-up.

If you miss your mail carrier, you can place it in the mailbox at the 23rd & Union post office by 6pm. Or, you can drop it off at the county’s ballot drop box by 8pm, in front of the ugly county admin building at 500 4th Avenue downtown. (Note that the drop-box at the city’s service centers are no longer available due to budget cuts)

Although we don’t have any hotly contested races in the neighborhood, this is now a “top-2” primary so it’s important to get your vote in to make sure your preferred candidate makes it to the November election. And an important state Supreme Court race will be decided today, with only one candidate advancing to November.


0 thoughts on “Primary election today: be sure to mail your ballots

  1. It may not seem hot but the fact there are people running as an option to the “same old” is great and much appreciated. The couple thousand folks that voted for the new people, John and Tamra, are not happy with the progress or maybe the “regress” of things in our society, economy, education system-whatever.

    You have to wonder, were there really over 5,000 people happy with the way things are now in the central area and valley? NO!