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President in the neighborhood Tuesday – expect traffic mess

Our buddies at CHS came up with a big scoop over the weekend, reporting that President Obama would be visiting the East Precinct.

That’s now been narrowed down to the Denny-Blaine waterfront, where he’ll have lunch at the home of former Real Networks executive Rob Glaser.

Sadly for you and us, the event is invite-only and closed to the public.

But you can expect to see some of the impact if you’re out driving around tomorrow. The exact route of the motorcade is unpublished, but you can expect lengthy delays if it crosses your path between downtown and the Lake Washington waterfront. And it’s very likely that Lake Washington Blvd north of Madrona Dr. will be closed for the duration of the event.

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  1. At about 9:00 this morning, a Metro bus came up 34th to E. Olive and turned east onto East Olive – definitely an aberration in their route. There were at least 2 photographers with large important-looking cameras photographing the bus. One photographer got back into a car with a California license and followed the bus.
    Don’t know if this is related to Obama’s visit down to Denny Blaine but thought I’d mention it.