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New mural dedicated on Jackson by Pratt Fine Arts

The artistic folks at Pratt Fine Arts have taken a blank wall along Jackson and turned it into a work of art, with a new mural put together by kids and adult volunteers.

It was dedicated on Friday night, with a vibrant scene depicting bubbles blown by a kid, goldfish, waves, mountains, and a swooping bird, all done with aerosol paints.

The mural was a program of Pratt’s Youth & Teen art classes. Here’s the six artists who put it together, based on the artistic vision of Derek Wu:

Jenny Pham, Sarah Ferguson,  Roman Rosenasc, Greg Saba, Natalie Givre, and Derek Wu

Pratt Fine Arts expanded to the former bread bakery outlet several years ago, adding creative space to their existing programs across the street at Pratt Park. Their fall catalog includes classes ranging from drawing and painting to blacksmithing and glass blowing. See for more details.

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  1. Congratulations to Pratt on a great beautification project! I’m a grateful neighbor.