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More bus stops to disappear – this time on route #14

So far this year we’ve seen Metro remove and consolidate bus stops on routes 3, 4, and 8. Each time the goal has been to increase the average space between stops up to 950 feet, with a stated goal of increasing route performance and decreasing operating costs.

Next up is route #14, which is scheduled to lose 18 stops in the Central District and Mount Baker starting on September 4th.

Here’s the specifics:

  • 18th & Jackson – East and westbound stops
  • 22nd & Jackson – East and westbound stops
  • 28th & Jackson – East and westbound stops
  • 31st & Lane – North and southbound stops
  • 31st & Charles – Northbound stop
  • 31st & Judkins – Northbound stop
  • 31st & Atlantic – Southbound stop
  • 31st & Holgate – Northbound & southbound stops
  • 31st & Dose Terrace – Northbound stop
  • 31st & Bayview – Northbound & southbound stops
  • 33rd & S. McClellan – Eastbound & westbound stops

The route will also gain one Eastbound stop at MLK & Jackson.

If you have objections or alternate suggestions for any of those changes, you can leave your comment with Metro.

0 thoughts on “More bus stops to disappear – this time on route #14

  1. the loss of the 18th and Jackson stop is a loss for the elderly residents of Kwabe House, who are inevitably getting on or off every time i’ve used the 14…

    btw, the 14 is generally on schedule as far as this somewhat frequent user finds. cutting 18 stops seems drastic unless the goal is to reduce headways, in which case i could support that idea.

  2. Let Metro know. It’s definitely cost constraints that are driving the stop consolidations; the planners can tell you in detail, though, and should know about this specific issue.

  3. This is a great idea. As an avid rider of both the 14 & 27 routes. Could have used a few more stops elimated from 16th to 5th ave on Jackson for the 14 and about 4-6 stops on Yesler for the 27.

    This may now make a 10 min ride actually be 10 mins!