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Madrona bus layover move update: poll results and report review

Thanks to all who shared their input in our poll about the potential move of the No. 3 bus layover on 34th Ave. We had over 100 people share their votes in the poll; you can also view the results in the handy pie chart in the accompanying picture. 

  • 47.12% said move the bus stop and layover area in front of the playfield in the 900 block of 34th
  • 46.15% said keep a bus stop in front of St. Clouds, but move the layover area to the playfield
  • 5.77% said keep the stop and layover area in front of St. Clouds
  • .96% (1 vote) had another idea, explained in the comments

From talking with the members of the community who have been closely involved in the Metro discussions, we’ve heard that Metro came away impressed with the level of community involvement in the debate, both at the original meeting and in the comments and poll on the blog. 

We checked in this week with Mary Bemowski, the transit planner from Metro’s Transit Division, and her report is still in Metro’s internal review process. We’ll post an update as soon as there is new news to report.

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