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Home invasion robber bested by Central District woman’s words

Apologies for the crime-heavy start today, but this one is too good to pass up:

Police say the woman was sleeping in her home near Pratt Park in the early morning hours of August 21st when a man turned on the lights in her bedroom.

“The suspect quickly turned off the lights and said, ‘give me all your money! I have a gun,'” a police report says.

The woman didn’t see a gun so, according to the report, “she quickly got out of bed and confronted the suspect.”

Here’s where it gets really good: The woman said “that she was yelling at him to get out of her house [and] she told the suspect to unlock the front door and leave.”

When the man opened the front door, the report says, “she pushed him out.”

The police report says that the suspect may have gained access to the home through an open window in the home, located in the 100 block of 22nd Avenue South.

0 thoughts on “Home invasion robber bested by Central District woman’s words

  1. Wow, what a completely horrifying story, or at least one that could have had a much different ending. I would imagine the sleeping woman awoke terrified, and reacted totally on adrenaline. Good for her, but still,… what needs to be done to prevent a repeated visit?