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Hamlin Robinson School preparing to move in at TT Minor, considering offering tutoring

Capitol Hill Seattle brings us up to date on Hamlin Robinson School, which is preparing to start the new school year in the old TT Minor building at 18th & Union:

Hamlin Robinson spokesperson Rob Harahill said that the school is aware of the needs of the community around T.T. Minor and that it hopes to begin programs that will be beneficial to that community. 

“We feel honored to be a tenant in this building, so part of our luck of being here is being involved in the greater community,” Harahill said.

Harahill said that the school is looking to aid students outside of the children who attend the school full time. They want to provide after-hours tutoring for students with language-related difficulties who cannot attend the school full time. The school has not yet decided whether the tutoring will be free but Harahill said the school’s main goal is that all students should have access to their programs, regardless of financial background. So, if there was a fee that went along with the tutoring, there would also be a scholarship program, Harahill said.

“[The space] is absolutely ideal,” Harahill said. “We have a core philosophy that great teaching can be done in any environment, but in this space we can do many things that we could never do before.”

First day of school is September 8th, which will mark the first year of their seven year lease on the building, vacant since the school district controversially closed their programs there in 2009.

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