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gun shots?

Early this morning, around 3 AM, we heard what sounded like gun shots coming from Leschi, near the water perhaps.  There were never any sirens so perhaps these were fire crackers.  Hard to tell.  If someone knows what these were, would love to know.

Update by scott: Police received many calls on this, and spoke to a man at 23rd & Jackson who reported seeing fireworks being set off by someone west of there, towards Washington Middle School

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  1. It certainly didn’t sound like fireworks. And why light them off at 3:14 AM on a Friday morning?

  2. When we called it in, the police said there’d been several calls.

    Gotta love your neighbors there, Dorkey!

  3. We’re by MLK and Jackson and it sounded just West of us. We tried to call the police (right around 3:30 AM), but were put on hold and eventually hung up on. It sounded like about 30 gunshots (at first rapid, then tapering off), and were concerned when we didn’t hear sirens. Glad to know it was idiots with fireworks rather than idiots with guns.

  4. Even when I woke up in the middle of the night I knew they were fireworks. They sounded absolutely nothing like gunshots; I know of no gun that makes that kind of whistling noise distinct to pinwheel fireworks (anyone know the sound I’m talking about? I can’t really describe it- sounds kind of like a kettle going off just before the little boom).

  5. I guess it depends on how close you are and the building echo effect. They sounded like a 45 caliber to me at first but went to my window and then it became audibly clear that they were fireworks. Plus the fact that I could see them in the sky from my 4th story window.

    They appeared to be coming from the intersection of 23rd and Jackson.

  6. we woke up by that noise too. i checked the app on my phone and didn’t see anything so tried to go back to bed.

    btw, i’m assuming most called 911 to report the noise but find it interesting that nothing was mentioned on that site. do they only show legitimate calls? i thought it was an automatic updating log of all 911 calls?

  7. I heard the “gunshots” too, woke me up :( I am in a 3rd floor apt at 23rd & jackson, and I really thought it was gunfire at first, as it was so loud, just a pop, and an echo, but the fact that it kept going, at least 20-30 times, I figured it was just fireworks (which is pretty common, almost as common as funfire! I mean gunfire! jk. I shouldn’t kid about that, I know… It happens far too much too close to home to be funny..), not some idiot wasting that many rounds.