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EPCPC meeting tonight, but no mayor in attendance

This morning we started writing a story about how tonight would be your chance to get some face time with the mayor at the East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition. Once the story was written, we went to get the link for the event and saw Joanna’s note that the mayor may not be there after all.

A quick call to the mayor’s office confirmed the sad news, with spokesperson Aaron Pickus telling us:

The mayor was planning on attending, but he is now required at another event.  Deputy Mayor Darryl Smith will be going in his place, along with Mayor’s Office staffers Ainsley Close and Derek Farmer.  James Keblas from the Office of Film and Music will also be attending.

The main topic of discussion will be the Seattle Nightlife Initiative, and it’s also always your opportunity to talk face to face with police leadership about the issues you’re seeing on your own block.

The meeting starts at 6pm, in the Seattle Vocational Institute building at 2120 South Jackson. Enter through the door next to the parking lot on the north side of the building.

Can’t make it? We’ll be there and will get the full blow-by-blow.

Update: We learned at the meeting that the mayor was at another event in the neighborhood, at the 29th & Cherry Y talking with youth about racism.

0 thoughts on “EPCPC meeting tonight, but no mayor in attendance

  1. McMayor really doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass about the real problems that face our neighborhoods.
    Verrrrry curious to know what he’s up to this evening instead.
    Probably an all you can eat buffet somewhere!

  2. the comments on this made me sad & i’m wondering if Tiffany, J-bot, o.snap, or ronha attended either of the meetings mentioned in this post. What will help make is our neighborhoods better is if YOU attend meetings and do YOUR part to make the CD a better place.

  3. I’m glad to see the Mayor’s priorities are are straight. Talking about the Nightlife Initiative, which does have a very serious public safety element to it, still is not as important in the East Precinct as the issue of youth violence and racism.

  4. Yes, Seattle, hotbed of racism. Is this what we blame for out of control kids? It’s white peoples fault?

    That record is 30 yrs old and very out of date.

  5. i WAS at the meeting for your information. and there was a woman there so fat that she ate the internet.

    the mayor doesn’t care about any neighborhood that isn’t north seattle. his priorities are all wrong. and i don’t want to sound lookist but he so fat that when he goes swimming in lake washington people think he is an island.