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Madrona bus layover too expensive to move, says Metro

Updated: We’ve heard from a Madrona business owner that the No. 3 bus stop layover has been deemed too cost-prohibitive to move entirely, according to Metro.

An internal review by Metro’s Transit Route Facilities Group, an internal work group that oversees bus stops and other transit issues, concluded that it would cost $450,000 to move the layover from its current spot in front of St. Clouds restaurant.

For a bit of history on the bus layover move: two months ago, several Madrona business owners met with a representative from Metro about moving the layover spot further south, out of the central business district. A poll we ran showed a vast majority preferred moving the layover away from its current spot in front of St. Clouds.

Metro will send out an official letter this week announcing the decision and proposing ways to work with local businesses to improve the situation, such as reducing the amount of time multiple buses are waiting on 34th Ave.

What do you think of the decision?

0 thoughts on “Madrona bus layover too expensive to move, says Metro

  1. The letter from Metro should have more details. It sounds like one of the larger costs was moving the overhead trolley and passing wires.

  2. Why do people complain so much? What if you lost your business that would be the least of your complaints. You should be glad you still have your business some people have lost their business. This is so petty.

  3. how exactly is this petty? it’s a request from a business that metro not place a bus in front of their business. and it’s not just this business that doesn’t find it the greatest place ever for a layover. should businesses not be concerned about their businesses in downturns, but be ok doing it during good times only? it’s not like they are trying to get this changed at the detriment to the community and other businesses.

    and 450k is a classic gov response to a rather simple problem.

  4. I too am very curious as to why it is to costly to move the stop down the road. I am also curious why Linda believes it is a petty complaint to advocate for a logical improvement in a metro bus stop. Thanks for the news Lisa.

  5. It’s clear that Metro has decided to not even consider the possibility. This is a layover spot on the existing route – how much infrastructure work is actually required?

    I suspect the true issue is agitation from drivers who want their layovers to be closer to the 34th Ave business district. There were a number of protests from drivers when this proposal first came up. To that, I will just point out that during dinner hours the 3 only runs once every half hour, and layovers are at least 20 minutes – plenty of time to grab food even if you’re starting a block south of Spring

    At night, as a woman walking alone, it’s kind of creepy passing 3 parked buses on a poorly lit street. The layover stop would be safer at the park where pedestrians aren’t funneled into a dark sidewalk with no external visibility.

  6. That’s all people do here in Seattle is complain and tell on each other. Quite comical….

  7. I just ate dinner there with friends and did not even notice buses or bus noise. Whatever the complaint is, it’s not valid. We had a nice meal and there was no interruption by buses.

    It’s a big city… we have buses. People need to get over it. It’s not any less disrupting than having cars going by or cars parking.

  8. thank you – the business seems to do quite well despite the buses, it’s never been an issue for me or frineds when meeting for breakfast, especially for friends arriving by bus :)

  9. you think a government agency listens to its employees (the drivers)??? Check the schedules: the only time three buses are there are during the afternoon rush hour. Sorry, but how scary can it be to walk by three buses during the dinner rush you mention? And if it’s scary for you, is it not scary for drivers to walk from a block south on a poorly lit street??? How scary is it to be by a poorly lit park, alone,at night….

  10. I think it’s more involved than moving a sign and painting… do you really think that Metro would give a number like 450K without justification?

  11. We’re talking about parked idling buses, not a bus stopping momentarily to drop-off and pick-up riders.

    I’m not a business owner nor a regular at St. Clouds but I live a block away and frequently use this sidewalk. I wish they’d move the layover location south.