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CD business owner now patrolling city streets

Unless you go to a lot of community meetings or have unusually frequent run-ins with the law, most of us will never even know the names of the police officers that patrol the neighborhood. And given the difficulty of getting a job with SPD, it’s even less likely to see someone you recognize from the neighborhood sitting in a patrol car.

But here’s a face you might recognize:  Aaron Lucas, who until 2007 owned Royal Image Barbershop here in the Central District.

But as of July 22nd, he’s now a sworn member of the Seattle Police Department following his graduation from the state law enforcement academy.

Lucas says that law enforcement work runs in his family, and his father in law is a former employee at SPD. And although he’s no longer cutting hair, he’s keeping that in the family too, teaching his son to cut his own hair under the rule of “your first client should always be yourself.”

It’s too soon to know whether Officer Lucas will be working here in the East Precinct, but keep an eye out for him as he moves from training out to patrol duty.

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