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Car opens fire, hits occupant of passing vehicle on Yesler

Tonight at just after 7:30pm, a vehicle headed westbound on Yesler opened fire on a car passing in the opposite direction at 24th Avenue, hitting one of the five occupants of the other vehicle in the head.

The victim was driven to Swedish Cherry Hill hospital and treated for a non-life threatening injury that was described as a “grazing wound.”

Police impounded the victim vehicle which had a bullet hole in the front windshield. It appears that most of the occupants of the victim vehicle were juveniles.

Witnesses at the scene of the shooting described the suspect vehicle as a light-colored sedan, with the shooter placed in the back left seat. Shell casings were found there in the roadway around 24th & Yesler.

0 thoughts on “Car opens fire, hits occupant of passing vehicle on Yesler

  1. Interesting. I live on 24th near this shooting. Does anyone know which this was – random or targeted? Seems random if they were going in opposite directions, or very premeditated. Would love more info if it is available.

  2. I was walking with my family two blocks away when the shooting happened. As usual, our response was to get in a safer spot and tell the kids it was just someone playing with fireworks. I’m sick of this.

  3. We were driving west on Yesler and were just leaving the intersection when we heard the rapid fire shots. I knew that it was gunfire and I felt very lucky that we weren’t hit, however, we did not see the shooter. The police drove up Yesler to the intersection with sirens going within about 30 seconds. It was scary and in broad daylight.