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Blue Angels practice starts tomorrow – where to watch

The military-industrial complex’s annual aural assault on the neighborhood (commonly known as Seafair) starts tomorrow, with the first of four days of Blue Angels flights over Lake Washington and surrounding areas.

Here’s the schedule, and note that I-90 will be shutdown each time:

  • Thursday, 8/5: Practice from 9:45am to noon and 1:15pm to 2:30pm
  • Friday 8/6: Practice from 12:45pm to 2:40pm
  • Saturday 8/7: Full show from 12:45pm to 2:40pm
  • Sunday 8/8: Full show from 12:45pm to 2:40pm

Here’s some spots where you can watch all of excitement from right here in the Central District:

  • I-90 Overlook – The best known spot, with probably best view is also usually the most crowded. Be ready to muscle in beside a bunch of plane photographers
  • Central Area Senior Center – Perched high on the hillside above the lake, they’ve got an expansive view from the back deck and at the nearby intersection of 31st & King
  • Leschi-Lake Dell Natural Area – Located at 36th & Terrace, the growth of nature has reduced this viewpoint a bit in recent years, but it’s still a good high-elevation spot to watch the action
  • Blue Water Bistro Dock – Part of the city’s marina, this public doc has a good water-level view of aerial action
  • Madrona Park Dock – It juts way out into the lake giving a good view up and down the lake

0 thoughts on “Blue Angels practice starts tomorrow – where to watch

  1. What a complete and utter waste of money and resources. I look forward to the day when finally we determine that being assaulted by noise and pollution isn’t worth it.

  2. I love watching the Blue Angels down by Lake Washington and it is great for the Seattle economy too. It is one of my favourite things about summer in Seattle. Bring the NOISE!! Oh yeah I like the 4th of July fireworks too!

  3. AGREED. who authorizes this noise/danger. all the pets are hiding in the basement already.
    Add the danger of flying stunts over a populated area.
    Blue angels “accidents”

    1988 crash
    2007 crash

    Flying commercial traffic over a major city has inherent risks.
    Flying stunts over a major city has more.

    check the Wiki :”During its history, 26 Blue Angels pilots have been killed in air show or training accidents.”

    Invite the flame war that ensues it only proves that Americans love the war machine.

  4. We look forward to watching the Blue Angels as well. They are awe-inspiring. The world would be a better place if our jets were used exclusively for fun summer festivals so we gotta support these kinds of events.

  5. The “war machine” you refer to is the one that saved the world from being enslaved by Hitler, and later from the Soviet Union. Today, they protect us and our allies from threats as diverse as North Korea and pirates off the horn of Africa. You wouldn’t be here without our military. Hell, we wouldn’t have ever even seen the birth of this country if George Washington hadn’t led the Continental Army against the Redcoats. Of course, I agree war should be avoided at all cost. War is awful, but being prepared is better than finding yourself in a position where you can’t effectively deter the actions of unwanted aggressors.

  6. Don’t love ’em. These jets are as much for show as any Soviet-era military parade across Red Square. We can’t put enough teachers in schools, but let’s spend millions to fuel these jets and keep America excited about funding the war machine. This activity is right up there with NASCAR.

  7. We love them and our kids love them.

    It’s the high point of summer as far as our family is concerned, and judging by the huge crowds that come out to watch, we’re not alone.

    Can’t wait for this weekend!

  8. Seafair is best weekend of the year! I finally feel good about paying my taxes when I see Blue Angels fly overhead :)
    Brian – I have never been to Nascar but someday I would love to go! Looks like a hell of a party!

  9. “we” spend 50 cents of every tax dollar on the war machine not but have no money for schools/hospitals/roads to me thats a little over prepared and don’t kid yourself, we don’t have any allies.
    also I am trying but have failed to find where we fought against the Soviets can you reference what happened? and North Korea is zero threat look up “North Korea at night” in google and you will see its just another bogey man created to Justify ridiculous military spending .

  10. The Seafair committee is a private organization. So tax dollars are not what pays for the show, at least not all of it.
    How much sugar water are you going to sell at Seafair this year Ian?

  11. I have to say I have loved the Blue Angels ever since I was a little girl. I go to see the air shows every year, even when I lived in NYC because I came back for the summer. I think it is fantastic to see all the families who go out on I-90, who picnic, who cheer on the bridge. The Hydros, the noise, the fun. Its Seafair, and it only happens once a year. I don’t always agree with the way we do military spending here in the U.S., but the Blue Angels are just FUN to watch and provide free family entertainment (as in the individuals aren’t paying for the air show – at least not directly) for many in the greater Seattle area.

  12. Synodone:

    Can you do any better than name calling and attempting to categorize folks as being in league with certain TV personalities? That’s pretty amateur stuff and clearly shows you don’t have much in your pocket to argue with.

    Let’s see if you can answer in a direct fashion the following questions, without falling back on name calling, or attempting to redirect the conversation to another topic:

    • As for Hitler, was our “war machine” justified then?

    • If another Hitler like figure were to come to power somewhere in the world, would you feel good or bad about our military defending your freedom then?

  13. We pay all that money, we might as well enjoy watching them fly about every once in a while.

  14. I guess you are saying I love Seafair because I profit from it????? Well I sell 0 “sugar water” at Seafair. Sorry.

    BTW Zevia (I assume that is what you are referrng to) has no sugar in it. 0 Calories & all natural! Sweetened with stevia. Thanks for the opportunity for the plug :)

  15. No problem, its a interesting product certainly. 76/Connoco-Phillips is the leading sponsor of all this. which makes sense, an oil company funding a Petrol intensive event. Where is Zevia available? I would love to try it as I am on a no sugar diet currently.
    Also WHY on EARTH are you NOT pushing your product at Sea-Fair. I kid, but really you got a few thousand overweight idiots in one place they are all prime candidates for Diabetes. Sell some Zevia!

  16. First off you got to get over your whole Hitler obsession. You need to save Hitler for the end don’t use him too early it’s a common mistake. That being said. yes and maybe.

    “Maybe” because the Military doesn’t defend what is left of my,your,our freedom anymore. They bomb the living shit out of goat herders on the other-side of the world and bankrupt the whole country while doing it. The only group I see defending any Freedoms at this point is the ACLU and they waste time on lot of stupid things too although not tax dollars. This Empire is in shambles and the military can’t save us from any of it. Cut war spending just 1% and we could raise Education spending over 50% its ridiculous. I would love to expand on this but I am off to cook a fresh batch of Crystal meth at the closed and soon to be sold MLK school so I can afford health insurance. This country is broke. we cannot afford to waste the last bit of credit we have on a Chinese credit card to fly stunts.

    PS. SPD I am kidding about the Crystal Meth. its just Cold Medicine, really, please don’t kick the Mexican piss out of me:)

    also this is interesting

  17. Oh go hug your tree somewhere else!! The Blue Angels rock and if it wasn’t for their skills, we’d all be forced to eat saurkraut!! You should be so lucky that there is an air show at all in Seattle. These men are the best of the best in pilotry and showing off their skills is a thrill to all, inluding the men in the blue suits. As an Air Force veteran, you need to show some respect to all who wear the uniform and get off your soapbox!!! Go BLUE ANGELS!! Role models for kids everywhere in this country! Especially the troubled ones on drugs in the Seattle area (and we all know it’s a big problem in this city!

  18. there’s no justifying this amount of military exuberance, especially when esienhower warned us of the military industrial complex. now billions are spent on pork-barrel projects because a gun, a bomb, a tank, a fighter airplane provides jobs in every state. how many billions were spent on smart missiles to blow up goat farmers? the military arms race was needed when our country wasn’t on top, when there were competitors like hitler and stalin who focused their resources on extensive military technology, violating human rights. the ussr collapsed. look at the reality of it, we’re overspending billions of dollars on people making homemade bombs in caves and basements and missiles in the third world. welcome to the third reich my friend.