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Big new fitness center coming to Seattle U Campus on 14th Avenue

Seattle University students will have a spacious new place to get in shape when school starts next fall, as the University is preparing to break ground on a new fitness center in the 500 block of 14th Avenue.

The two-story, 21,066 square foot addition to the university’s Connolly Center will add space for new fitness equipment, a group exercise room, offices, and locker rooms for student use. 

The new structure will occupy what is currently a small parking lot on the southwest side of the existing athletic center, adjacent to the larger parking lot at 14th & Jefferson. The addition will bring the total area of the Connolly center up to 118,058 square feet.

According to permits filed with the city last week, the new addition is valued at $3.9 million, continuing an aggressive building program that over the last ten years has seen the addition of a new Student Center, new housing, an alumni center, and additional instructional space around the campus.


0 thoughts on “Big new fitness center coming to Seattle U Campus on 14th Avenue

  1. Currently they only offer memberships to students, staff, and alumni (and their families). Maybe that will change with more space, if they want to make more money.

    As an alum who still lives in the neighborhood, it seems like a great deal compared to a for profit gym, $90 a quarter, even though you can’t use it from 3:30-6:30 Monday-Thursday.

  2. It would be AMAZING if they would open this to the community. I would be happy to pay a little more for the convenience– our neighborhood is a dead zone for exercise options, and we are already welcome to use the track. Restrict it to residents in the immediate area, if you want, but it would do wonders for building community & town/gown relationships. Besides, I have to deal with SU student parties on a regular basis so I feel I’m due SOME benefit : )