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Take a stroll through the new Madison Valley stormwater park

It’s been such a busy month that we only now had a chance to stop by the newly expanded and landscaped stormwater storage park in Madison Valley. The fences have been removed, and it’s now open for the use of the neighborhood.

Formerly just a smaller, grassy hole, it’s now a really nice space. The landscaping is all set into place and looks very good:

The bottom is now sculpted into a wet-weather stream that will carry rainwater to the north end of the park:

Several different pathways will take you around the park and down through the bottom of it, with stone benches positioned in several different viewpoints:

There’s also a new water feature on the south end of the park. Just press the button on the green stand and water will bubble up over the rock and down into the surrounding sand:

The Madison Valley community will have a formal celebration of the new space and information on the next phase of stormwater control work this Saturday, July 31st, from 11am-1pm.

The park is located at 30th & Denny Way.

0 thoughts on “Take a stroll through the new Madison Valley stormwater park

  1. Having park one block away is really great and I am so glad the city came up with a good idea the space. I think they still are going to install a gazebo?