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Sign of the day: scoop your poop

We saw this sign on our morning dog walk this morning near 22nd & Yesler:

Note that it’s more than a friendly reminder – it even comes equipped with some handy bags for poo pickup.

0 thoughts on “Sign of the day: scoop your poop

  1. To do this for the stretch of grass just south of the Swedish at Cherry Hill campus, on 18th and Jefferson. It gets REALLY gross sometimes.

  2. That would be awesome…it really is gross! I’m pretty sure it is someone who lives down the street and takes his dogs to that strip.

  3. I did something similar last year when someone was letting their dog repeatedly poop on my parking strip and not picking it up.
    I got a flat tire out of it.

  4. It’s pretty obvious where the poop comes from on that street. I’ve seen the guy with his dogs, he never picks up after them. Leaves them tied up on his front door all day so the neighbors can listen to them howl and whine too.

  5. I actually pooped myself on a dog owner’s front porch in retaliation! I too left a poster! It said
    “What you say to someone who is hard to understand: “You sound like a shit salesman with a mouthful of samples.”