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Saturday: Squire Park Community BBQ

The Squire Park Community Council is holding their annual community BBQ on Saturday at noon, featuring free food, kids activities, and live music from the Shumba Youth Marimba Ensemble.

It runs from noon to 2pm outside the CAMP firehouse at 722 18th Ave.

The BBQ will follow the quarterly meeting of the Squire Park community council, which starts at 10am. On the agenda:

  • Morning refreshments
  • Discussion about Seattle Housing Authority expansion plans in the neighborhood
  • Neighbor concerns and ideas

Wondering where Squire Park is? It runs from Union to Jackson, and 23rd to 12th Avenue. Stop by and meet your neighbors if you live anywhere around there.

4 thoughts on “Saturday: Squire Park Community BBQ

  1. Pro-Tunnel Seattle City Council member and president Richard Conlin is scheduled to attend the BBQ.
    Wouldn’t it be great to find out why he thinks the waterfront tunnel is such a good idea for the citizens of Seattle? The council has a decision to make soon.
    Senator Kline is supposed to be a guest at this meeting. Maybe he’d be willing to explain the need for a law the puts the citizens of Seattle in for cost over-runs on the worlds largest bored tunnel. Or why the State itself is willing to break the law by moving forward before the environmental impact study is completed.

    I’d hate for attention to be taken away from SHA’s appearance and the opportunity to hear about their expansions in the area, but we’ve got a multi-billion dollar state project that is happening in our city and the some of the people making the decisions will be in attendance.
    Those that are looking for more information on the tunnel have a great opportunity tomorrow!
    The only thing better would be if Rasmussen decided to randomly appear.

  2. Tamra Smilanich may be at the picnic, she is a candidate for the 37th District Senate position.
    As for those who read McMullet posting…
    Here is the date of the “tunnel” bill which the governor signed in 2009 after the legislators in voted to pass it.
    Effective date — 2009 c 458: “This act is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, or safety, or support of the state government and its existing public institutions, and takes effect July 1, 2009.” [2009 c 458 § 3.]
    Again, look at the date.